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Poolside Chat Episode: Chlorine Percentage

As with everything pool related, it depends. We suggest you start your salt chlorine generator at 50 percent output and run it for a couple of days, then check the chlorine level. In a balanced pool, a good chlorine level is 1-3 parts per million.

If your chlorine levels are low, you can raise the percentage, and if it’s high you can lower the percentage. The output percentage means your cell will only be active for that percentage of time in a pump’s run cycle. For example, if your pump is set for an 8-hour cycle, and your salt chlorine generator is set at 50 percent; your cell will only be producing chlorine for 4 of those hours total. 

If you ever get behind in your chlorine output, use the super chlorinate feature on your generator’s control box. Super Chlorinate increases chlorine output to 100 percent and keeps it that way for about 24 hours, then reduces down to your normal output settings.

I’m 100 percent happy we covered everything salt chlorine generator output related. Thank you for the sound guy for letting us talk. And thank you for joining us.

The inline chlorinator is installed “in-line” with your pump and filter. The inline chlorinator is plumbed on the pipe after your filter (and heater) dissolving the chlorine into your return line. In-line chlorinators are found on new installations or full renovations as the installer can better plan for the vessel’s installation. Because the inline requires a stretch of horizontal pvc on which to be installed, and head clearance so you can remove the cap, replumbing is sometimes needed.

Hello poolside repair fans, in this episode matt and rob welcome dan dougher inyo’s ppool guru to show us how to install an above ground pool. Dan has almost thirty years of experience installing and repairing above ground pools; fortunately, he shares his methods and tips for making your pool build a success. You may be wondering why a high salt level is bad for the salt chlorinator. The reason being, is if the salinity level is too high, the chlorinator will stop making chlorine and that’s no bueno.

We have a simple math solution that’ll tell you how much water you need to drop from the pool. Let’s say your current salt level is 4500 parts per million and your ideal level is 3200 parts per million. You’ll subtract the 3200 from the 4500 which gives you 1300 parts per million. That’s what you need to drop. You divide 1300 by 4500 and that gives you. For this, we’ll just round it up to an even 29%. You need to drop roughly 29% of pool water.

But if you’re trying to figure out how many gallons are in your pool–let’s say our pool is 10,000 gallons you’re going to multiply that by 29% which is .29 and then that equals 2900 gallon. Now, you’re going to take that water out which is about 1/3 of your pool and then you’re going to add fresh water and then everything should balance out at the end of it.


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